Stoneybatter Online Short Film Festival

The program for the Stoneybatter Online Film Festival 2021 is made up of Stoneybatter writers, directors and actors who work professionally in the Irish and UK film industry. You can download the Film Festival Programme to follow along as you enjoy the films below:


Directed by Kate Dolan, Aoife Nic Ardghail
Maura's got a way with words, but has lost her way with guys.

Directed By Maureen O’Connell
Tim seeks refuge in an empty gallery. He prays for silence and solitude. His prayers are ignored, as gallery regular Cecil takes him on an abstract journey of interaction and appreciation.

Lost Memories
Directed By Eamonn Murphy
Sean races against the clock to his mother's deathbed in possession of his mother's dying wish while dealing with inter-family politics over the phone.

Directed By Luke Mcmanus
Pensioner Tommy Fogarty wants to impress his new lady friend by baking a cake but finds a gang of feral teenage girls have other ideas.

Pigeons Of Discontent
Directed By Paddy Cahill
In the otherwise tranquil Dublin neighbourhood of Stoneybatter, one local quirk has divided neighbours. The Pigeons. This short documentary looks at the local Pigeon population, while we hear some impassioned opinions from some of the neighbourhoods residents.


Toy Soldiers
Directed By Mike Hayes
Sixteen-year-old Shane finds himself in the reluctant position of baby-sitter to his kid brother Charlie while his mother is at work. Along with Shane's best mates - Bean and Hally - their small rural town is the jungle gym where they spend most of their days. When Shane makes a seemingly innocuous discovery one day, his and Charlie's lives are changed forever.

Directed By Maureen O’Connell
1916. Three Dublin Printers. 2000 Irish Proclamations. One Night- in secret. Can they do it?

A Very Irish Family
Directed By Emmet Kelly
The vicissitudes of fortune that surround a well to do Irish family as the tumultuous events of the early 20th century unfold and impact dramatically on their hopes and dreams.

Directed by Maureen O’Connell
Cathy just wants to celebrate her 35th birthday in peace but her friends and the universe have other plans.

Directed By Aoife Nic Ardghail
A quirky comedy short about how the roles of children and parents can reverse.


Directed By Mike Hayes
LEAVE is a film about how random events determine our lives.

Directed by Maureen O’Connell
Andy waits anxiously in the audition waiting room for a cheese commercial. He should have made it by now. He should not be in this waiting room with these amateurs. He is a classically trained actor! 'Out out brief shadow, Life is but a walking candle...

Directed By Sean Treacy
Not everyone can move on from their mistakes. Especially if they can't be fixed.

It Is Decidedly So
Directed By Jack Fahy
After a man finds a magic 8 ball in a park his fate comes into question when the 8 ball dictates his future.

My Mothers Shoes
Directed by Mike Hayes
t's 1970’s Ireland and Jamie, an awkward 10 year old attempts to manage his recently bereaved mother, a gaggle of sisters and the school bully.


The Answer Machine
Directed By Pat Larkin
The Answer Machine is a thriller set in the Seventies. Mary the Doctors wife feels persecuted as someone keeps ringing the house and hanging up. She tells her husband who dismisses it. She so afraid she never leaves the house. Her husband contacts a psychiatrist friend who has medicated Mary in the past. Mary does not trust her and is suspicious of both of them. The phone rings Mary hears someone breathing on the line and it goes dead. Her husband comes home to find her dead. Was she murdered or did she take her own life.